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Name: Krant
Is a dark magician who can use light magic. He has a black armor with purple on it. A childhood friend with Lira.
Likes: Lira, friends, vehicles and Food
Hates: Rapists and Evil
Weapons: A sword, A big spear, A shield and a Gun.
Clothes: Has a black armor on him with purple on it. A black helmet with a purple visor. Only he do know what other clothes he haves.
Skills: He can spam portals and magic. He is good with the weapons he has with him and he can create a very heavy armor with magic.
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Code name:Mrgoodigood
Real name unknow
Is the leader of a group of warriors and the stealth guy in the group. The other members are ApocalypsoMan, Krant and Lira.
Likes:Chocolate, peace, friends, nature and animals.
Dislikes: Zombies.
Clothes: Blue t-shirt, green jacket, a pair of green (camoflauged) pants, boots and a blue scarf.
Weapons: Two pistols, one sword, two knuckles and a special glove wich ApocacalypsoMan made. Can change into four weapons (Shotgun, Gatlin gun, Drill and laser gun).
Skills: Has no mana in him wich makes him immune to magic but can´t use magic. But is sword can use mana around it to use magic (can switch between different elements). Is extremely good on stealth. Can get trough a whole base in a short time and not get detected.
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Face. by mrgoodigood Face. :iconmrgoodigood:mrgoodigood 0 0 Apcalypso awesome by mrgoodigood Apcalypso awesome :iconmrgoodigood:mrgoodigood 0 1
My first O.C.
Species: NetNavi/Virus.
Look: His main color his Blue with a little Purple on it. He has two helmets. One cowers the whole head except for the visor at his mouth that can be opened, wich he uses for eating stuff.
The second one has a visor over the whole face and can be opened, when it does that it splits to three parts. He has it closed only in battle.
He also got three spikes on the back wich he can retract, Have them only out in battle.
Info: ApocalypsoMan is the son of Duo and has some things that reminds of him (like the sapphire´s). He also got stuck on stupid mode when he got here on heart, he also lost some of his memories. He his also friend with Jazz.
Likes: Taco.
Weapons: machine gun on left arm and a apocalyps sword on the right and (wich sends away shock waves after a certain amount of time as pasted).
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Im 16 years old and live in sweden.

Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: everything
Skin of choice: ApocalypsoMan
Thank you Deviantart for letting us try out premium for today.
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Eragon
  • Watching: A lot of things
  • Playing: Little this little that.
  • Eating: A lot of stuff
  • Drinking: Water. Alot off it.


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